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While Helping Them Get To Know, Like, & Trust You!"
(Even if it’s been so long since you last emailed them or you’re afraid they’ve forgotten who you are.)

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I've Got A Bone To Pick With You...
Yara Golden
Founder of Subscriber Reviver™
RE: Reviving your subscribers.
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Hey, I’m Yara! 
(pronounced like "yada, yada, yada...")

And, I’ve got a bone to pick with traditional email marketing…

Turns out most people think the only way to sell to their email list is to show up in one of three ways:
  • Beat them over the head with offers until they buy 
  • ​Attempt to automate the entire process and ghost them between sales pitches, or
  • ​Be so nice, and add so much value you get them to buy from you without ever making any offers...
Are you guilty of showing up like...
The "Pickup Artist"
This marketer only thinks about what they want and will also do just about anything to get a sale.

They burn and churn through their audience because they lack long term strategy and often sound rehearsed and insincere.

They experience little to no repeat business. This is "Booty Call" marketing.

Then you have...
(The "Pickup Artist")
"The Player"
This marketer comes on strong and does their homework to make sure they say and do all the right things.

Their audience feels special, understood, and starts to believe that maybe—just maybe—they've found the real deal...

Problem is, as soon as their automated sequences run out, the player proves they're just like the rest of 'em. This is "Hit it and Quit it" marketing.

Next, let's look at...
(The "Player")
"Mr. Nice Guy"
This marketer puts in the time and establishes a real connection with their audience. But has no idea what to do next!

Their information is useful but incomplete. They motivate, inspire... and get you ready—to work with someone else!

Even though they give you a ton of value, and you like them, they NEVER make you an offer. This is "Friend Zone" marketing.

The goal is...
(Mr. "Nice Guy")
"Relationship Material"
This guy is thinking long term
from the beginning...

Shows up providing inspiration, 
motivation, and value—Consistently!

Challenges you, and makes you think
about where you’ve been and where
you’re heading.

Leads by example, & provides 
opportunities for you to work together.

so, if you're treating your list like a booty call, I want you to know it's NOT your fault!
("Relationship Material")
"ONLY ONE Out Of Ten Marketers Is Strengthening Their Relationship With Their Subscribers!"
("On stage at Funnel Hacking LIVE in front of 4,500 entrepreneurs.")
When I asked an audience of 4,500 entrepreneurs how many of them felt like their business was relationship material, less than 10% raised their hands.

That's 1 out of every 10 marketers that would benefit from this training!

Truth be told, the only reason this beat ‘em over the head” approach claims the #1 spot is because there isn’t anyone out there teaching marketers like you that there’s a different way.

It’s kind of like an only child being told they’re the favorite…

Of course you’re the favorite when there's no competition!

The thing is...

“Here's The TRUTH 

About Stories That Sell...”

The only reason the “Beat ‘em Over the Head” approach even got started was because email marketers everywhere... 

Don’t want you to write ENGAGING, ENTERTAINING, EDUCATIONAL, and EMPOWERING content. 

This competes with their Money-Hungry, “Hit It & Quit It” emails.

Since the rise of social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, our society as a whole has a greater demand and appetite for connection, honesty, and authenticity.

The is one of the main reasons...
Storyselling is the answer.
Yara Golden
Writing stories that sell, known as "StorySelling"...

Means that every piece of content you send creates more than just a connection with your audience.

It Develops your RELATIONSHIP with them.
The relationship you have with your audience is the foundation upon which your business is built and shouldn’t be an afterthought.
I’m done with the “Beat ‘em Over the Head” approach, the “Hit It & Quit It” mentality, and the hundreds of thousands of marketers who are afraid of emailing their list, and I’m doing something about it... Right Now.

As more and more StorySellers come into the market, we’ll push pushy marketing back where it belongs—the TRASH.

Now, I know what you’re thinking...

“Yara, I’d love to write stories that sell, but I don’t have any stories…”
Lies. Lies. Lies.
Everyone has a story to tell, YOURSELF included.

Not only that, but your audience is dying to hear it.

The only thing holding you back is comparing your story to the stories of those around you.
But I get it, writing is an art
Good news is...

You don’t have to be a New York Times Best Seller in order to be a StorySeller.

All you have to do is show up, tell your stories, and be willing to let yourself be seen… (It’s not as scary as you think, I promise!).

Good StorySelling is about using words and story to help your reader understand that once upon a time, you were just like them.

How engaged your reader stays while reading your content is DIRECTLY related to the structure you use to tell your story. 

You want to make sure to engage, entertain, educate, and empower them in the right place at the right time.

That’s It!

Now, let me show you how we do this using my unique "Storyselling Framework™"...
Writing Story Selling Content Becomes So Much Easier When You Understand The 6-Step Storyselling Framework™.
The Storyselling Framework™ is what my team and I have used to create thousands of emails for some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the business, and it’s the first tool we’re going to teach you how to use in your business, too! 

The Storyselling Framework™ consists of 6 easy-to-follow steps that will ensure your story has everything it needs in order to sell your audience on you and your product.

In fact, it’s so easy to create content once you understand the Storyselling Framework™, you’ll wonder how you ever wrote anything without it!
  •  You don’t have to be a naturally gifted writer.
  •  You can turn any and all life experiences into stories that showcase you and your products.
  • ​Your story selling pieces are stand alone stories and can be repurposed for any medium you’d like… Video, Blog, Podcast, Email, Webinar, Speeches and Presentations… the list goes on and on.

The Subscriber Reviver™


Subscriber Reviver Challenge
I’d like to Invite You to become a part of the “StorySelling” Movement by Joining Us Inside a Brand New Training Called...
The Subscriber Reviver™ Challenge
Our challengers are entrepreneurs who refuse to subject the brands, products, and audience they love to bad marketing for the sake of cash.

Together—WE—have the opportunity to change the way marketing is done. 
Do you realize that?

We have the chance to replace the old and outdated strategies—the ones that are killing your relationship with your audience—with engaging stories that sell.
What exactly is the Subscriber Reviver™ Challenge?
Subscriber Reviver™ is a 5-module masterclass designed specifically to help you re-engage your email audience and get them ready to buy from you again, all while helping them get to know, like, and trust you.

It doesn’t matter if you have NO Content or a ton of "Beat ‘em Over the Head" Content, Subscriber Reviver will give you the training, tools, and frameworks to transform your ice cold and lifeless list into raving fans ready to engage with you and your products.
As part of Subscriber Reviver, you will get:
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • ​15 Days of Video Training
  • ​Easy to follow workbook
  • ​4 Valuable Bonuses Free
Now, let's take a look at each module...
 Challenge Days 1-5
  • Everyone Has a Story
  • Your Story Matters
  • The Gifts of Imperfection
  • Why Stories Sell
  • StorySelling Framework

(Module #1 - Online Access)

 Challenge Days 6-10
  • What If I’m Not A Good Writer?
  • I Don’t Have Any Stories...
  • My Industry is Different, We Don’t Tell Stories
  • I Don’t Have Time to Sit and Write All Day
  •  My List Probably Hates Me...

(Module #2 - Online Access)

 Challenge Days 11-15
  • My Audience Doesn’t Want to Read Stories
  •  Wait, There’s no Call To Action?
  •  Why Do You Want People to Reply?
  •  What If My Readers Unsubscribe?
  •  Show Me the Money…

(Module #3- Online Access)

By the end of the Subscriber Reviver™ Challenge, you’ll have everything you need to create stories that sell, which will keep your audience engaged, educated, entertained, and empowered WHILE keeping you and your business... profitable.

Join Today For Only $47 And You'll Receive The Following 4 FREE Bonuses:
BONUS #1: The 5-Minute Content Calendar ($97.00 value)
Stop worrying about what to send and when to send it! This simple “Back of the Napkin” approach will level up your email marketing game in 5 minutes or less...
BONUS #2: Story Catalog  (a $27.00 value)
Inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient times, in this bonus, we’ll teach you exactly how to capture that inspiration with a behind-the-scenes peek at our Story Catalog, the system we use to store and easily access thousands of stories…
BONUS #3: Unlimited Access to our Private Facebook Group (Priceless!)
Wondering if that email you wrote is ready to send out? Wishing you could get a fresh set of eyes on it? Look no further, the Storyselling Team and community are available to you in our private Facebook group 24/7
BONUS #4: StorySelling Interview Series (a $297.00 value)
Learn the secrets of 7-figure businesses generating millions in sales through email using the StorySelling Framework
Now, you might be thinking...
"But Yara, I can't do this."
I promise you can do this!

Even if:
  • You don’t consider yourself a writer, let alone a copywriter…
  •  You don’t think you have any stories to tell…
  •  You've failed every English class you’ve ever taken…
  •  You’ve never made a single dollar from your email list…
Keep in mind...

This is the second time we’re running this Challenge, so the price, the bonuses, and the time to make a decision is short.
This Challenge is for you if...
I want people who are ready to change the way marketing is done. 

People who want to get rid of the “Beat ‘em Over the Head” approach, and the “Hit It & Quit It” mentality once and for all.

Your marketing should be an accurate representation of you, and the relationship you wish to have with your audience, period.

Are you in?

You’ll get so much value from Subscriber Reviver, you’ll be shocked we only charged $47 for such a thing.

Questions you might have...

 Will we be doing any writing during this Challenge?
Yes! There will be a writing assignment given at the end of each training designed to help you create engaging, educational, entertaining, and empowering content you can send to your subscriber base.
 Do you teach sales copy in this Challenge?
No. The Subscriber Reviver Challenge curriculum focuses strictly on story-based content.
 Do I need any tools for this course?
You will be supplied with the instruction and frameworks you need in order to successfully complete this training. If you wish to implement the Story Catalogue Board, you’ll need a Trello account, which can be created for free at www.trello.com. 
 Do you have a Facebook Group for support?
Yes! Our Facebook Group is where you can find the daily training videos I’ll be hosting as well as where you can get to know, learn from, and share with your fellow StorySellers.

All Rights Reserved {{YYYY}} © Copyright Yara Golden
And since online business is still a relatively new market, it hasn’t quite figured out how to tell a story while making sure to sell at the same time…